Hyundai Genesis Coupe Exhaust System Guide Set up Instructions

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Installation Summary :

1 three/eight″ Drive Ratchet 2 3/eight″ Drive Extension three″ three 15mm Socket 4 Pry Bar.
Original Exhaust System Removing :
1. Unbolt the flange situated behind the catalytic converter. Place the hardware to the side to be used through the installation of your new exhaust system. (See Fig. 1)
2. Remove the cross-brace and save the hardware for installation. (See Fig. 2)
3. Lubricate all the hangers and rubber isolators.
4. Utilizing a muffler stand or an additional particular person to hold the rear muffler into position, take away the hangers from the rubber isolators and remove the rear muffler from the vehicle. (See Fig. three)
5. Remove the rubber isolator as shown. This will probably be re-used for the installation of your new Borla Cat-Back exhaust.
Borla Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System Installation :
1. Using the unique hardware, place the entrance pipe assembly into position. Hand tighten the hardware for now. (See Figs. 5 & 6)
2. Place a clamp over the expanded finish of the Intermediate Pipe and set it into position making sure to install the hanger into the rubber isolator. (See Fig. 7) Do Not tighten the clamp.
3. Rigorously install the Muffler Meeting ensuring to install the hangers into the rubber isolators. (See Fig. 8)
4. Connect muffler flanges using equipped hardware. (See Fig. 9)
5. Check your exhaust system for proper clearance under the car and also for tip alignment.
6. Once position has been determined to be appropriate, tighten the Accuseal™ clamp to 32-35 ft. lbs. making sure the clamps openings aren’t over any of the notches in the pipes. Tighten the flange hardware to 18-22 ft. lbs.
7. Before beginning your car, be sure that to examine all wires, hoses, brake lines, body parts and tires for secure clearance from the exhaust system.
8. Begin automobile and test for any leaks. If any leaks are discovered, decide trigger (resembling loose hardware or incorrectly positioned clamp) and restore as necessary.
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