2012 Honda CRV Splash Guards Installation Manual

PDF Repair Manual Download link for 2012 Honda CRV. This manual is how to install Splash Guards in 2012 Honda CRV. You can find about how to installation, removal, repair manual other for your car.

Installation Summary :
1. Turn the steering wheel fully counterclockwise.
2. Using a pushpin, pierce the center of upper clip on the left front inner fender.
3. Remove two self-tapping screws from the left front inner fenderwell.
4. Install the left front splash guard to the left front inner fender with one washer-screw and two self-tapping screws removed in step 3 in the order. NOTE: Check there is no gap between the left front splash guard and the vehicle body. If there is a gap, loosen the one washer-screw and two self-tapping screws, hold the splash guard against the body, and retighten the screws.

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